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In September 2021, Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) Tashkent will present an exhibition curated by Space Caviar and Sheida Ghomashchi exploring the
seminal work of Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, an 8th century scholar and mathematician whose ideas - and name - gave origin to the modern term algorithm.

The exhibition "Thus Spake Al-Khwārizmī" aims to question the origin story of the technologies we use and depend on today, exploring their roots in a
distant place, time and culture.

We invite designers, artists, scientists, initiatives and collectives, spaces of media art & digital culture, agents from any fields of expertise from anywhere
in the world to send ideas for essays and other contributions to the catalog of the exhibition. We welcome anything that reflects on the deep history of
modern technology, as well as more exploratory meditations on the figure of Al Khwarizmi and his lingering influence in the age of artificial intelligence.

We are open to commissioning visual essays, shorter essays (800-1000 word) and longer pieces (about 2000 words). If you would like to participate in
this project please submit an abstract by June 3, 2021 to