Aktan Arim Kubat

Aktan Arim Kubat Aktan Arim Kubat is a Kyrgyz filmmaker, whose films have won awards at both Russian and European festivals.He was born on March 26 1957 in Kuntuu village. “I had certain problems with my personality when I was growing up. I was different and I always wanted to be like everybody. I make films about myself, my childhood, and I act in my own movies. Perhaps this is my ambition and my desire to say that I am not like everyone else. This is an attempt to resist what is happening around me. Maybe this is my main struggle” says Aktan.The first film in his autobiographical trilogy was presented in Locarno and was awarded Tomorrow's Leopards prize. Beginning with this film, the cinema of independent Kyrgyzstan began to enter the world. In 2016, Aktan Arym Kubat was recognized as one of the best filmmakers in Asia according to the Busan Film Festival, which conducted a survey among 72 film critics from around the world.



Duration: 48 min

Years: 1993

An eleven-year-old boy, Mirlan, is in love with a girl, Ainur, who is fifteen or sixteen years old. They spend a lot of time together, swinging on a swing. Life flows peacefully, but one day a sailor arrives in their village who begins to spend time with Ainura. Mirlan's heart breaks with longing until finally, he begins to draw his sadness on the outside wall of his house.