Jamshed Usmonov

Tajik filmmaker. Born on January 13, 1965 in Asht. Usmonov graduated from the Tajik institute of Arts. He has worked at Tajikfilm since 1986 as an editor, actor, screenwriter, and director of feature films, animated movies, and documentaries. Usmonov open us up to dialogues that address the retreat of the Soviet system as a necessary starting point for a new country. However, he does this by narrating and visualizing a mythological past, rather than an upcoming future.


Fly of a Bee

Duration: 88 min

Years: 1998

In a small village in Tajikistan, an impudent rich man builds a toilet in the yard that stands at the window of his neighbor, a rural teacher. Outraged by the constant unpleasant smells and convinced that a neighbor is spying on his wife, the teacher begins to fight against the arbitrariness of the rural rich man.