Marat Sarulu

Kyrgyz filmmaker. Born September 26, 1957 in Talas. Sarulu graduated from the animation department of the Faculty of Philology of the Kyrgyz University in 1980 . Marat Sarulu has never been a diligent chronicler or a proponent of deliberate hype-rrealism. He is fascinated by existential stories about the homelessness, rather than by stories about daily routines. In his film Move,the filmmaker marks a stylistic shift from the formal life-likeness to pure abstraction. He is fascinated by the subtle, elusive transitions of natural states. He creates metaphorical films where the game of authenticity is just one of the author's tricks. In his films, time dissolves in the atmosphere of the scenes and is absorbed by space.


The Move

Duration: 155 min

Years: 2014

In a small house on the riverbank, an old man lives with his granddaughter. Not suspecting that all the savings have burned out, and the bank will requisition the apartment for non-payment of interest, his daughter asks the old man to sell the house and move into Bishkek with her. The family is forced to live in a wretched trailer at a railway dead-end ...