Serik Aprimov

Kazakh filmmaker. Born October 28, 1960 in the village of Aksuat. In 1979 Aprimov graduated from the Alma-Ata Industrial College and in 1989 received a degree from the filmmaking faculty of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. In his debut film Final stop, Aprimov asserted his principles: random people from the street instead of actors, wildlife and objective, authentic reality instead of scenery built on a pavilion. Serik Aprimov feels contemporary trends and works to transmits them in the most achievable way. . The Hunter, shot by the filmmaker in 2004, illustrated that he is trying to finally move away from his own style and away from the traditions of the new wave. The picture deliberately calls for a new mythological cinema, where the character appears on the screen not as he is, but as he should be.


Three Brothers

Duration: 80 min

Years: 2000

Three brothers live in a small village located near a military airfield and a cemetery for old steam locomotives. At one time, these old steam locomotives traveled to an amazingly beautiful lake – now they will serve as targets for aircrafts. An old man's stories arouse the imagination of the brothers, provoking dangerous outings into the Zone.