CCA LAB is a research laboratory of the Center for Contemporary Art in Tashkent, whose task is to develop contemporary art and cultural practices in Uzbekistan, as well as formulating new readings and a new understanding of the region’s artistic heritage. The ultimate goal of the laboratory is to develop a series of exhibitions with the participation of international curators in Uzbekistan and abroad.

CCA LAB participants will gain practical experience - as a part of an interdisciplinary group led by curators, they will work on exhibition projects at the Center for Contemporary Art in Tashkent, and will also participate in the creation of the national pavilion of Uzbekistan at the Venice Biennale in 2020 and 2021. Curators of the exhibitions and the pavilion will be announced in March 2020.

CCA LAB Participants

“For a long time, I was interested in the art world, so I applied myself to different spheres: theater, painting, poetry, photography. I was inspired to be creative after reading Somerset Maugham`s books. After a while, I decided to take architecture seriously and devoted a certain period of my life to it. But this stops me from traveling to the mountains, being socially active and enjoying simple things”.
Anastasia Galimova

“Well, I am Asal. And my path begins somewhere in the periphery of Tashkent. I remember how early in the morning I would jump on the train, which rushed me to the school-gymnasium, which hardened me for life. The next station was the Polytechnic Lyceum: formulas, numbers, calculations-brrr, I quickly got bored and so I asked the driver to move towards the Academy of Choreography, where I am now studying as an art critic. The main activity is journalism and analysis of art periodicals. I suggest you become passengers on the train called self-development”.
Asal Esanova

“I am Roma Yegorov, 25 years old, I write plays and I am the SMM manager, a film archivist and a librarian with experience”.
Roman Yegorov

“Aziza Pulatova, I am an artist in the field of contemporary art, is not an artist by education. I work with nails, threads and wires, thinking of working with clay and resin. I am in a team connected to the youth magazine The Square, and I also run a video production company called Hendrix. I love art and people who love art – we try to support talents within the Men of Culture society”.
Aziza Pulatova

“My major is helping me become an artist muralist, and my profession is a graphic artist. I draw illustrations for children`s books, and I also teach drawing and painting. I am interested in literature, movies and music. I like to see how these trends interact in contemporary art.”
Mukhiddin Riksiev

“My name is Munisa, I am a muralist and I am 22 years old. I like to draw graphics, read, listen and watch. My studies take me in different directions and I am interested in the relationship between man and the Universe”.
Munisa Juraeva

“I`m Lera. I studied Business Administration at Westminster University in Tashkent and Kyung Hee University in Seoul. I write about movies better than I write about myself”.
Valerie Kim

“I am Kumush, and I am 27 years old. Architect. Writer of music. Sometimes I do personal design projects”.
Kumush Muxammadkarimzoda

“My name is Sabina, and I`m 26. I`m a filmmaker. I am interested in photography and making earrings”.
Sabina Lutfirahmanova

“My name is Kamila. Since childhood, I have been drawing, writing poems, texts, studying psychology and trying to express myself in all kinds of activities, because I do not see the point of setting myself in a frame and limiting myself. I admire doll animation, vintage things, mysticism and noir”.
Kamila Ahmetova

“Turabekova Saida, 19 years old.
I study at Amity University, Faculty of Business Management.
I practice modern dance - house, hip-hop
I love nature and do volunteer work in my free time”.
Turabekova Saida

“I am Laziza Tulaganova, and I am 23. I see aesthetics in everyday life, which many people do not notice in the rhythm of life. There is true beauty in it. I paint pictures. I love art of the 20th century”.
Laziza Tulaganova

“I am Rustam Zahidov. I am 22 years old. As an artist, an experimenter, I am inspired by everything that goes beyond the ordinary”.
Rustam Zahidov

“I am Joseph Tumari. I love music and live it. I love sound in all forms and my inspiration comes from nature. I am an introvert”.
Joseph Tumari

“Mumtoza. 22 years old.I create music through light and space”.
Mumtoza Ashravkhanova

“Rahim-Goober. Documentary photographer, graphic designer. I like to take pictures of young people, Central Asian as well as post-Soviet motifs. I worked as a photographer for Citizen, The Mag. Also, my photo material about the architecture of Tashkent was published in the publication Afisha Daily. Currently I work as a designer at the Tower MMG. Instagram: @goooberrr”.
Rahim Kalibaev

“Tashmetova Diana. 23 years old. At the moment, I am a 2nd-year student of the Institute of Culture and Arts, faculty of “Film and Television Directing”. There are no merits, awards, medals, orders... Ambitions are hidden. The goal is a process, and the process is not achieved. That is all”.
Tashmetova Diana

“Boborazhabova Maftuna, I am 25 years old. My major is economics, but I am also a graduate of the Focus Film School in filmmaking and cinematography. I am interested in cinematography, literature, and documentaries. I want to start a documentary project. I study the standard of living of local people, especially women. I am always ready for new adventures”.
Maftuna Boborazhabova

“My name is Victoria and I love poetry, books and theater. I write, play, create, organize events and I really want to contribute to life and history”.
Victoria Kogay